What All You Need To Check Before Buying Custom Leather Holsters?


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It can be difficult to choose the right or the best custom leather holster for yourself because of the details that need to be checked for your needs and requirements. However, it is important first, that you decide your needs by knowing the purpose of your purchase. It is only when you know the purpose that you will be able to buy the right custom leather holster for yourself.

 It is important to check everything about the holster starting from its material. People from police or army backgrounds usually have in-depth knowledge of the materials and therefore are hired by some firms to check the quality of the leather.

There are various combinations that should be checked and examined before the purchase.

  • A custom leather holster should be durable, i.e. it should go on for a long time, should be secure i.e. it should have proper opening and closing, should be easy to use, i.e. it should not be difficult to handle and should feel easy.
  • Additionally, it should also be able to fit properly, i.e. it should not be very tight and not very movable thereby, you should be able to put in and remove your gun easily without the rifle falling here and there in the holster and without it getting stuck.
  • The quality of the custom leather holster should be excellent, do not settle for anything less than that.
  • It should be strong and flexible and should be capable of enduring wear and tear.
  • The custom leather holster should be checked for its retention which means that it should not lose its shape once the gun is removed from it.
  • Next comes the comfort level that you experience while trying it. If it is something that makes you uncomfortable or causes a difficulty of some kind then please check another holster which is more comfortable.
  •  The custom leather holster should be able to conceal under the clothes. After all, why would it be considered custom if it cannot be hidden?
  • In order to check the concealment ability, stand in front of the mirror and try various positions, tilt yourself, make side poses, sit and stand and check the holster then.
  • Do not choose any other material other than leather itself.
  • The holster should fit your firearm.
  • Make sure you are able to access it easily for whatever location you choose it for. If it is difficult to access then you should probably change it.

All these are some of the steps and details that you can follow and see to check if that particular custom leather holster is the one for you. If even anyone of the above shows problems or difficulties then you should switch to any other holster and should not buy that particular custom leather holster. It is better to go for handmade custom holsters by a custom maker because then you will be sure of every detail as it will be made according to you.

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