Volkswagen Passat with Nokia Bluetooth Technology: VW Aftermarket and Substitute Parts

Volkswagen may be the first automaker to provide its customers a factory-fitted automotive communication solution that props up Bluetooth SIM Access Profile. The handset integration product provides compatibility with an array of cell phones from various manufacturers. A cell phone holder can also be offered being an choice for users who would like to charge their phone within the vehicle.

The Nokia Vehicle Phone with Bluetooth Technology for that VW Passat is placed for launch in Asia and europe in second quarter 2005.”The very first time, an automaker is providing a communication solution while using Bluetooth SIM Access Profile that’s factory-built in the automobile. This represents an essential engineering achievement: we’ve taken an additional step toward universality and factory-installed, integrated communication solutions. The consumer are now able to make the most of wide-varying compatibility with a lot of cell phones without getting to depend on aftermarket solutions”, states Marcus Stahl, Gm Nokia Automotive.

The Nokia Vehicle Phone with Bluetooth Technology have access to the Sim from the compatible cell phone and visit the GSM network. When the user will get from the vehicle or presses a particular button on his cell phone, the receiving mode is deactivated and also the cell phone instantly logs back to the mobile network.

The VW Passat’s Nokia Bluetooth includes key functions for example radio mute and installing of phonebook records from compatible cell phones via Bluetooth wireless technology, in addition to additional fundamental functions for example voice dial, taking and ending calls, and redial.

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