Best places to visit in Japan

Traveling to a culturally and historically rich country like Japan can surely be one of the best decisions of your life. This small East Asian country has a lot to offer to the tourists with all kinds of landscapes, vegetation, wildlife, scientific progress in alignment with traditions. The temples here can guide you on the way to spirituality in an altogether different sense and offer you a peek into the religions when the modern and even the preceding world didn’t exist. A number of Japan tourist destinations await you while you and your family board the journey of east exploration. Here are some of the best places to must visit in Japan. Mount Fuji Obviously, the list must start with Japan’s star destination, the majestic volcano of Mount Fuji. It is known as Fuji-san and is the highest peak in the entire of Japan with a height of almost 3,776 meters. It looks astounding standing as a lone giant in an almost flat landscape in its south as well as east. The mountain is so big that it can almost be seen from Tokyo which is almost a hundred kilometers away. The Imperial Tokyo This is one of the most famous landmarks of Tokyo. The place is a seventeenth-century build park that features walls as well as moats. The place is still in use by the Imperial Family and provides a glimpse into their rich royalty and past through the architecture. Along with a site seeing of the palace, the visitors are also allowed access to the garden of Higashi Gyoen in the east and other such areas. Hiroshima peace memorial park The famous place of 1945 bombings is a place now dedicated as an ode to the martyrs and the civilians who died and suffered in the event. This park is a mark for the establishment of the lasting peace that prevails to date in the world. It is one of the places tourists highly look up to.

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