Ball Bearing Cage Kinds

  • “J” Type: Two items bow including two 50% that are put together one half from one side, and the other half from the contrary side. Fold up down tabs safeguard both halves. This type of cage is assisted by the rounds. “Loose” secure type offers lower torque. The product is type 302 stainless steel. Brass and carbon steel are additionally available. These sorts of cages can operate at low to moderately broadband. A loosened kink is common. Limited kink, or JF, is utilized for higher speeds. Additional loose, or JL, is used for reduced torque applications.
  • “W” Type: One item steel crown. Mainly made use of extremely few bearings. This sort of cage is internal ring assisted. The product is type 410 stainless steel. The cage snaps in from one side over the balls. It has outstanding performance in low torque, low-rate applications. Normally, the one-piece steel crown is not utilized in broadband applications.
  • “RJ” Type: This kind of cage is suitable for bigger bearings, or bearing sizes over 10mm, with high load-lugging capabilities. It is a 2-piece bow consisting of two halves that are assembled one 50% from one side, as well as the other 50% from the opposite side. The two pieces are secured together as well as are solid sufficient to stand higher levels of resonance as well as velocity. This kind of cage is led by the balls. Material is type 302 stainless steel or carbon steel sheet.
  • “TW” Kind: Molded nylon cage. Minimizes variations in running torque as well as is suitable for high speeds. This type of cage is assisted by the rounds. The operating temperature array is from -30º C to +120º C. Additionally, available with a glass fiber reinforced nylon that is more inflexible, as well as with the ability of greater rates.

If you are looking for HRW Bearings [ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide HRW, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

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